The Spark paulNJ2bw

After many years of creative inactivity, every so often storing ideas on an old Mac sequencer or direct onto a mini disc or voice memo on my iphone I had a bit of spare time at the beginning of 2014 and more importantly the inclination to convert some ideas, lyrics and riffs into songs.

The only reason I embarked on this was out of curiosity, to see if I could still write something, anything, on a consistent level over a short period of time with the end result being some songs, piano and vocal only, which had to please me.

Do writers mature and improve in their writing or does the creative spark ebb away over time and they write their best stuff in their early years? Now there's an evenings conversation fellow writers and afficianados!

The songs.

WYSIWYG and I write what I see. It's honest as an observer with many more questions than answers. As a humanist I am humble to nature and aware that we are all falllible, part of the bigger equation where humanity with all its faults and weaknesses can be strong and part of the solution. I can't stand the macho bullshit, I'm better and holier than thou attitude where instant gratification, consumption and arrogance prevails.

CS5colourThe title of the latest unfinished song is The Nearly Man. No father figure around to gain insight and advice when I was young, it toughened my resolve to do anything after many cul de sacs. As a responsible hedonist, introverted extrovert, lost and found, loner and devoted friend, I have always been the searcher of the new, discarding an old skin all the time instead of getting blinkered.Pervaiz11

As I get older it is the challenge of seeing if I stilll have the "spark" that illusive creative moment where a good, nay great song evolves or suddenly coalesces from nothing. Only songwriters know this feeling. I can also write from a viewpoint looking at generations either side of mine with more understanding and experience. Songwriting is often 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration but there is not a better feeling when it all comes together and I've had this feeling a fair few times these past months.

So I went out and did a few open mics which to my amazement, relief and surprise was well received. I have been truly humbled and honoured at some of these gigs. Some of the live recordings are here on the site as are the videos. I also have, now, a long list of titles for new songs, ideas, riffs and lyrics ready to be worked on.

There are too many people to thank for inspiring this latest burst of creativity and it is something I will treasure for the rest of my days. It is the local Cornwall music scene, it's songwriters, venues, audiences and movers and shakers within that are a crucial part of this ongoing story. If you have read this far, you are now part of, and may yet have an influence on, the outcome. Thank you.